Jaton Mor

Resistance soldier, former base commander


Jaton is a human male, standing just over 2 meters, thanks to robotic prosthesis where his legs used to be. He has dark hair, blue eyes, and tends to walk and act favoring his right side, where most of the damage from the explosion that took his legs occured.


Jaton was a promising commander in the Resistance, young for his role at 28 years, stationed at a small outpost in the Outer Rim for his first command. Though the Resistance offered little opportunity for a meaningful career – at least in its current state – Jaton believed in the cause and devoted his not inconsiderable talents wholeheartedly. When his team brought back an Order Assassin droid from a scouting mission., he instructed them to attempt its reprogramming – having such a machine under his command would be immeasurably useful, both in protecting his team and in propelling all of them upward to more interesting parts of space. When the techs found the droid had attained self awareness, it was Mor who instructed it be retrofitted for mechanical work rather than allowed to continue serving its original purpose. Few days have passed since that he hasn’t regretted that decision.

The droid was always quirky – but then, most self aware droids were – but not so much so that it’s final betrayal could have been predicted. Jaton alone witnessed TS-01 stealing a ship and triggering the explosion that allowed its escape. The droid looked right at him, pinned under debris from the blast, before making its escape. The compassion Jaton had shown in forgoing a full memory wipe on the machine had been utterly lacking in return on that day.

With his outpost destroyed, his legs ruined, and his career teetering on the brink while the incident of his command’s fall was investigated, Jaton took an extended leave from the Resistance and set out to track down TS-01. He wasn’t sure what he would do if or when he found the droid. For the time being, the compulsion to pursue was enough.

Jaton Mor

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