mechanic, droid repair & programming


A Zabrak gearhead that refers to himself as a ‘Technomancer’, Nokoo is hard to miss with his highly customized left cyberarm and muscular build. After being in business for the last 15 years, he’s developed a reputation as being one of (if not THE) best ‘modders’ for both ships and droids around. Because of this, he’s in high demand amongst the less savory elements in the galaxy. So – naturally the First Order, the Resistance and the New Republic would all like to get their hands on him.

Therefore, you don’t find Nokoo – he finds you. Last word was that he had currently set up shop on The Wheel.


“this Gand”: Closest thing to an actual friend This Gand might have outside of TS-01. Known each other for over a decade. Does many of the mods for the THX-1138 Unnamed Unpronouncable that TS-01 can’t handle.

TS-01: Mutual respect for each other due to mechanical and ‘modding’ abilities. Introduced by “this Gand”.

Drakced “Drak” K’cir: Informant and source of information for some of Drak’s most difficult droid bounties. Working together for 5 years.


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