bi-polar astromech droid & primary navigator


The R6-series astromech droid was the sixth astromech droid model made by Industrial Automaton under their R-series of droids.

Released soon after the Battle of Endor, the R6 was IA’s attempt at repairing their own reputation after the tremendous failure that was their R5 series. To prove that each new series beyond their famous R2-series would not be inferior, the designers of the R6 took their time in working out every problem and glitch that plagued the previous model. After years in planning, IA released the R6 model with obvious intent to try and recapture the hearts of their consumers.


Though the conical-frustum style of the head was like that of the R5 (which might have given consumers a scare at first glance) rather than the classic dome, that was where the similarities ended. The R6 had the same kind of “do it all” attitude in its programming and array of gadgets reminiscent of the veteran R2 units, but with updates to key systems such as its sensor package and processor. The standard R6 could store 12 hyperspace jump coordinates in its astrogation buffer and had many of the tools and compartments that was found lacking on earlier models that were not intended for serious space service. Though the R6 offered little in the way of innovation it supplied the demand left hollow in loyal IA consumers.


One of the first prototypes of the R6 series astromech, there were still a few kinks to be worked out with R6-T7’s programming before being put on the market. However, the droid proved to be almost ‘bi polar’ in temperament, with moments of extreme highs, while at other times going through what could only be classified as ‘depression’ and severe hostility.

After attacking one of the chief mechanics, the droid was slotted for deactivation and the scrapyard. However, a bounty hunter that specialized in droids cut a deal with the staff and picked him up on the cheap.

R6-T7 is a quite capable astro-navigator and command center droid with a personality many engineers and technicians could make a career of studying.


Drakced “Drak” K’cir: Drak’s astronavigator & droid inherited from mentor


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