R9-B5 'Sneak'

Mechanic, skulks about ship & hides critical data until last minute


Industrial Automaton’s R9-series was similar to its previous R-series models, but R9 droids were notorious for self-enhancing their preservation routines, even if it meant hiding data from their owners.


Great at ship board diagnostics, scans, comms and slicing, as well as a sneaky little bastard. While he’s gotten Drak out of a few tight spots in the past; there’s something about him that’s just ‘not quite right’. He has a habit of disappearing and doing his own thing… as if he had his own agenda…


Drakced “Drak” K’cir: He just showed up on the ship once they were in hyperspace…imagine that!

R9-B5 'Sneak'

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