Wren'rauwa'lori (aka 'Wrenrau')

Bespin's notorious spice dealer & arms merchant


Not a lot is known about Wrenrau, and he prefers to keep it that way.  The Chiss made his presence known shortly after the Battle of Endor, establishing a highly profitable operation in Tibana gas shipping from  to other systems.  Over time it became known it certain circles that this was merely a front for his far more proftable and less 'legitimate' operations – those of Spice and Arms dealing.

Cloud City is the ideal base of operations for Wrenrau as it gives him access to many of the movers and shakers in the underworld along the Outer Rim.  All kinds come to frequent the casinos there, along the edge of the galaxy, and Wren is always ready to cut a deal.  There were rumors that he and the long standing administrator, Lando Calrissian, did not see to eye, but things have quieted down over the last cycle or three.  Wrenrau must have finally offered a deal that even Calrissian himself could not resist.


"this Gand":  One of Wrenrau's best smugglers – though the relationship is somewhat strained at times.  Seems things are never as 'easy' as Wrenrau promises…

Drakced "Drak" K'cir:  One of Wrenrau's clients.  Often supplied with hard to find weaponry, explosives and tech.

Wren'rauwa'lori (aka 'Wrenrau')

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