Sana Solluu

Disillusioned Resistance Scout


Sana was the product of a house divided. Her mother was an Imperial Magistrate on Eriadu while her father was an archaeologist with Rebel leanings. She watched as her mother turned her father over to Imperial Intelligence and never saw him again. At the age of 14, Sana ran away in search of the nearest Rebellion cell. By 17 she was leading her own on Eriadu, running Guerilla raids against the Empire. She continued to advance through the ranks of the Rebellion; eventually being granted her own company and participating on the ground at the battle of Endor.

Following the battle of Endor she stayed with the Resistance and began travelling as a scout, working to bring former Imperial worlds (and those with no allegiance) into the fold. However, over time she has become somewhat disillusioned with the Resistance; feeling that they are not doing enough to combat the growing First Order. Perhaps more ruthless measures are in order??


Akto: Realized force sensitivity and took offworld in search of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy.

Katy Le: Worked together on Endor following the battle as well as on Kashyyyk.

TS-01 : Stationed at the same outpost during the attack when TS-01 made his escape.

Sana Solluu

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