Ancient / Repurposed MT-4T astromech & ship steward


T-Bit is a bit of an oddity. An ancient MT-4T unit that was in wide use during the Old Republic, she has been memory wiped and repurposed multiple times over the centuries. Yet – somewhere along the way she gained a level of sentience beyond other droids of her time. During this ‘awakening’, fragments of her past memory began to come back to her – pieces of a puzzle yet to be put together.

T-Bit is quite energetic and fond of music; ensuring that there is some sort melody on her ship at all times. She conveys this love of rhythm in her own communication as well; often communicating via a series of beeps and chirps in an almost ‘rap-like’ fashion with different intonations. She has served as a ship steward for 3 Bounty Hunter crews over the years and now serves her current master in the same capacity as well.


Drakced “Drak” K’cir: Drak inherited her from his mentor. Serves as ship steward


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