The General

Repurposed Super Tactical Droid, security & Seneschal


Super tactical droids were advanced tactical droids that had command capabilities during the Clone Wars, acting as generals of the Droid Army.

They would often resort to threats and torture as interrogation routes. These droids were created to analyze a battle, calculate a possible battle-winning solution, and a time frame to carry out their plan. Being programmed with Separatist beliefs, they ruled through fear and through the lack of courage and hope in their victims. And although Super Tactical Droids were not directly involved in combat, they were able to effectively use self-defense and a E-5 blaster rifle. Being programmed for success, they are willing to kill or be killed for the advancement of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Building off their predecessors, the T-series tactical droid, they had a much more robotic inflection to their voices, as well a larger, more toned and more damage-resistant body (being able to take a considerable amount of damage before ceasing to work). These droids were also able to better process and adapt to sudden changes and unexpected complications. Although better than those before them, flaws in their programming were still prevalent. These included the difficulty to see approaches and plans that differ from their own.


The General has been in some of worst hell holes you could possibly imagine. He’s been blown apart more times that he’d care to admit and each time he’s found a way to pull himself back together and get back out on the battlefield.

After fighting for the Separatists during the Clone Wars, he was grabbed by an escaping Separatist POW and used to assist in his escape. Not long after, he was on board a ship captured by pirates where he was taken as a prize by a Captain known for his appreciation of Clone Wars antiquities. His programming was altered somewhat, retaining his tactical knowledge and skill set, but erasing his Separatist loyalties. He was given a higher awareness and self preservation coding and then used as the captain’s personal steward.

Not surprisingly, The General (the name was given him by the captain) proved to be a valuable tactical advisor and over time also proved to have quite the knack for piracy. In fact, he eventually rose to rank of First Mate on the Ebon Hawk. But – then the Empire caught up with them…

Luckily for The General, he was once again able to assist in the escape of one of the crew and took up with the man – eventually becoming one of his most trusted advisors as his new companion (and that is what he was treated as – a COMPANION – never a master / servant relationship) grew in his bounty hunting career. Now, The General finds himself in the company of his former companion’s pupil….


Drakced “Drak” K’cir: Currently serves on Drak’s crew as First Mate and Seneschal. Thinks that the man may suffer under the impression that he ‘belongs’ to him… That notion may need to be corrected

The General

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