THX-1138 Unnamed Unpronouncable

Corellian Freighter



THX-1138 “unnamed unpronouncable”

Hull Type: Freighter / YT-2000
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2 Backup: Class 12
Navicomputer: Yes
Sensor Ranger: Short
Ship’s Complement: One Pilot, One co-pilot/engineer
Encumbrance Capacity: 170
Passenger Capacity: 7
Consumables: Three Month’s
Price/Rarity: 120K/5
Customization Hard Points: 5
Weapons: Dorsal and Ventral

Fly Casual page 60
base 120,000
ion turbine – 2650 (1hp)
ion turbine – 2650 (1hp)
hydraulic control circuites – 500 (2hp)
smugglers cpt – 600 (1hp)
full arc dorsal and ventral quad-laser cannons


THX-1138 Unnamed Unpronouncable

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