House Rules

Local and long-distance communications

We’ve decided that communications generally work like this:

Local range comms (several miles range, planetary) are basically undetectable and secure. They can probably be broken, but its not common.

Planet to Orbit and Intersystem comms are encrypted and ‘free’, but are reasonably detectable if anyone is looking for them. And of course anything can be decrypted.

System to System communication occurs via ‘hop’ link, a rentable (e.g. owned by someone else, be it the F.O, a Huttese communication conglomerate, or a quietly inserted Rebel jump transponder) receiver/repeater will accept communications, store them, hyper-hop to the receiving system, and deliver. While there are ‘regular’ daily transmissions for ‘rent’ these are notoriously insecure and private encryption is recommended.

House Rules

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