Meepo Farr

Black Sun member, Crime Lord on Tatooine


Meepo Farr rose to prominence on Tatooine about 8 years ago; seemingly appearing from nowhere to fight for a piece of Jabba the Hutt’s broken empire. While the Rodian was not necessarily known for his cunning and shrewd business skills, he did have a wealth of resources at his disposal. These included not only credits and muscle, but also a host of advisors that would fly in and out of Tatooine to assist Meepo in his endeavors.

It was only 2 years later, after Meepo had seized control of the majority of Jabba’s smuggling, slavery and spice trade, that the underworld finally put the pieces together. In truth, it was not Meepo Farr’s criminal enterprise that had settled on Tatooine, but rather the Black Sun, who had merely used him as a figurehead.

Meepo still keeps up the facade that he is an independent crime lord, with no ties or fealty to anyone. But those in the know are aware of the truth. For now, Black Sun would prefer to keep things just as they are. Evidently they are playing at the long game (as they often do)…and Meepo lives day by day knowing his days of fortune will come to an end by blaster bolt suddenly.


Nuro Kairn (Nuroka’irn): Meepo’s former servant – now escaped
“this Gand”: The two have an ongoing business relationship in regards to the spice trade. It’s always ‘been business’.

Meepo Farr

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